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Architecture, Computation and the Inexpressible

  • Text by
  • Maria Berman, Karl Chu, Evan Douglis, Yael Erel, Todd Gannon, David Gersten, N. Katherine Hayles, Brad Horn, Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon, Ed Keller, Ben Nicholson, Jose Oubrerie, Alberto Perez-Gomez, George Ranalli, Yehuda Safran, Ashley Schafer, Michael Silver, Jason Vollen, and Lebbeus Woods.
  • Edited by
  • Bradley Horn
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Ineffable documents a timely and invaluable debate surrounding the use of computational tools in architecture and their effect on the nature of human expression. A distinguished group of architects, educators, and theoreticians discuss both the potential benefits as well as the perils associated with the recent turn to ever increasing computational complexity in contemporary design culture. Topics considered include: architecture in the post human era, the value and role of history within a computational paradigm, the relationship between humans and machines for the future of architecture, computers and design pedagogy, and digital-phenomenology in architecture. With essays from leading figures and 260 color photographs, illustrations, and drawings, Ineffable is for anyone interested in learning more about the political, social, and theoretical implications of the computer revolution in architecture. A collaboration between The City College of New York. Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture and Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers

Contributors Biographies

Brad Horn is co-founder and principal of Berman/Horn Studio, a firm specializing in residential and hospitality projects in the United States. The firm incorporates the design of lighting and furniture into an interdisciplinary practice that combines an interest in architecture with interior design. Horn’s writing and work have been published internationally in journals and books including Architectural Record, 3: Lux Letters, The Architect’s Newspaper, the AN Blog, Taschen’s New York, Frieze Magazine, Journal of Architecture and Computation Culture and Autogenic Structures from Taylor and Francis Press. He has taught design at The Cooper Union, Harvard University, the Pratt Institute, and Columbia University. Horn has been awarded numerous grants including those from the Graham, LEF, and Solow Foundations for research conducted at The City College of New York Spitzer School of Architecture, where he is currently Director of the Master of Architecture Program.

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